All three of our children have been blessed with Parentshare Preschool. The dedicated and compassionate teachers made their first school experiences both memorable and enjoyable. Parentshare Preschool provided our children with an amazing experience and a wonderful journey of social and academic learning in a nurturing environment. This program positively fostered our children's love for learning and discovery and provided them with the tools for doing well in kindergarten and beyond.

Parentshare Preschool is an invaluable experience and we are fortunate to have a preschool like them in our community.   ~Shannon U.

ParentShare Preschool has a special place in my heart. It is where I was able to watch and participate in my children's early learning experience. ParentShare's best attributes are its loving teachers, Christian ideals, and educational and social environment. 

The teachers at ParentShare are there because they want to be. The time and thoughtfulness they give to the children's daily schedule is reflected when the children can't wait to tell about their day. I, too, made lasting friendships with the teachers and other parents during our time at ParentShare. 

ParentShare Preschool is a wonderful experience and the Valley is blessed to have it as an option for preschool-age children.  ~ Bonnie C.

Parentshare Preschool truly lives up to its name. Parents are viewed as a child’s first teacher and are completely involved with their child’s preschool experience. During our three years with Parentshare, my husband and I, as well as our other children who weren’t currently in the program, so enjoyed the field trips, special activities and volunteer time in the classroom. The environment and atmosphere were safe, fun and educational, and our children definitely benefited from their time there!   ~ Sara J.

ParentShare preschool is the best decision I made for my two boys.  The teachers are first class; the environment is not only enriching but extremely friendly.  I would recommend ParentShare preschool to anyone who is looking for a positive first time school experience for their little ones. ~Stephanie H.

ParentShare is a wonderful preschool. My daughter is in the 4 and 5 year old class this year. I have also had 2 older kids go through the preschool and all 3 were very happy there. 
The preschool has wonderful teachers, they organize lots of fun and educational field trips, and a normal day combines activities, projects and free playtime perfectly. It prepares the children very well for kindergarten both socially and academically - my older 2 transitioned into school very smoothly.  The parent involvement is a wonderful strength of the preschool and creates a secure community for the children. I thoroughly recommend this preschool to anyone who is looking for a great experience for their children.  ~Glenda H.

ParentShare is the ideal preschool environment. My four year old loved it! The days are well planned - full of socialization, playing and learning. Just what a preschooler needs and thrives on. The opportunity for moms and dads to be involved during the school day is a special time to watch your child grow and learn. I miss that now that my kids are older and I don't have the same access to their classrooms. On top of that the teachers are fantastic and truly love the kids. I would recommend ParentShare Preschool to anyone.  ~ Jayne F.