Tausha Petrie the oldest of 4, grew up in a small town in South Dakota. She moved to Alaska in 1998. Tausha is married to Lance who is a middle school teacher and coach. They have two children, Alyson and Jackson. Tausha began teaching at ParentShare in 2007 as the Cubs teacher. In 2013 she graduated to the Bears class.  With over a decade of being at ParentShare Tausha takes a lot of pride in the daily task that come along with running a cooperation.  In addition to teaching and directing ParentShare, she volunteers for Girl Scouts, Palmer Little League, and as a board member for PTA. She enjoys cheering for her husband’s and children’s activities and can often be spotted volunteering in her children’s classrooms. Tausha is a past board member for PSP.  Her hobbies include reading, gardening in her greenhouse, watching movies, traveling, cooking, entertaining family and friends and playing cards.
Our Teachers:

  Mrs. Petrie ParentShare 
Bears Teacher/Director: 
For the 2020-21 Mrs. Petrie will be teaching both Cubs & Bears classes

Cubs are 3/4's                                      Bears are 4/5's
Mrs. Ahrens ParentShare Cubs Teacher/Director: 

Shelby Ahrens grew up in Lake Iliamna where both her parents taught. She graduated from Alaska Pacific University with a BA in Elementary Education. Shelby taught nine years in the ASD as a regular education teacher in grades K and 1st, and in an opitional program combo class K1. Plus a few extra years of subbing in both districts. Shelby and her husband Ben moved to Palmer in 2009. Ben works at the Alaska Railroad as a terminal manager and is a Captain in the Air Guard. Shelby served on the PSP school board for four years and was a regular sub in the Bears and Cubs class. She loves helping in her boys: Brayden, Colben and Laeth's schools. Shelby enjoys being with her family and all the busyness that includes! 
Our Classroom: