About ParentShare Preschool (PSP):
Our program is designed to provide an enriching preschool environment for the children in our community. We believe that children's play is an expression of intelligence and growth, and that young children learn best through hands-on, concrete experiences. Children’s play is an important part of early childhood development and an essential part of our program. 

Our vision is to help each child develop socially, emotional, physically, and intellectually—through actively exploring imaginative materials/equipment, and interacting with others.  ParentShare Preschool (PSP) supports each child’s learning style and developmental readiness with the cooperation of the parents in a loving Christian atmosphere. Children learn to get along with other children and foster security with other adults outside the family. 

PSP provides a creative environment for strengthening emotional control, developing self-discipline, increasing independence and encouraging self-confidence. It promotes language skills and provides opportunities for self expression. Imagine parents, teachers, and children working together for the common benefit of children. No company or administrator owns the effort, but rather is a co-op which relies on parents and teachers. 

Our parents believe that their participation adds a unique dimension to their child’s experience. PSP believes this is true and encourages it. PSP emphasizes Christian values and our routine includes blessing before snack and welcoming/closing songs. St. John Pastor and/or Director of Christian Education (DCE) will occasionally be involved with PSP through visiting our class and sharing Bible stories. Please read the PSP handbook for more information.